Double Ball lock Spear Head for Mini Keg (with Silcon Dip Tube)

Double Ball lock Spear Head for Mini Keg (with Silcon Dip Tube)


The Double Ball Lock Spear head is the perfect cap to offer you versitility.

These come with a silcone dip tube long enought for 10L minni keg that you can cut to suit.

They feature both a gas and liquid ballcok style steel post along with a pessure relief valve. They also include a silcone dip tube that can be used with the keg laying down/

Use's Inlclude:


  • Pairing with our double ball lock compatible tap and gas regulator tap to form a mini keg kit.
  • The ball lock allows you to connect and disconnect your tap or regulator without exposing oxygen or relasing pressure.
  • Works with both our plastic and stainless ball lock disconnects.
  • Use for force carbonating Home Brew.
  • Allows for counter pressure filling- Ask your craft brewer to counter pressure fill your growlers and kegs, this will keep your beer fresh for months.
  • Allows you counter fill from keg to keg/growler**.


** The Growler will require the Growler adapter for tapping kit/sold seperatley in order to connect to this spear head.


Note: this item is for the Ball Lock Spear Head Only- Kegs/taps and other parts sold seperatley alternatively see our Build Your Own Kegging Kit seciton.


Also note O-ring colours may vary between orange and black. There is no difference in the quality of these O-Rings. We will ship out whatever we have available at the time of your order.