We are an Australian Owned and operated business that was born from a passion for cold beverages and exploring the outdoors.

KEGIVERSE was born to close the gap in awesome, affordable and environmentally friendly beverage storage solutions to keep your favourite drinks cold (or hot) for all occasions.


 Kegged beer by the pool? Expresso Matrini's? Want to take your drinks down the beach with out the need for a Cooler Bag or Esky? We have you covered.



We understand the pain when loading the car for that weekend get away, whether it be a camping trip in mountains or trip to the beach, trying to lug that commercially packaged beer around is just painful, from storage difficulties in the back of the car, to trying to keep that beer cold or what to do with all those empty stubbies when you have finished your beer.


We are also home brew enthusiasts who are always looking for a way to help fellow home brewers out with solutions for brewing, storage and drinking!

Through year's of 'enjoyable' product research we have developed the solution for all your beverage logistical needs.

Check out our new brewing range and follow our blogs as we share our stories.