on November 26, 2020

Beer on tap, who doesn't love it!?! With the Kegiverse Mini Keg range you can now have beer on tap for every occasion.


Going down the beach, instead of dragging a six pack along for the ride grab a our  sexy black finished 304 grade stainless steel growler instead! This Growler is double insulated  and will keep that beverage cold for 6 hours in direct sunlight!  Not only will your beer or beverage of choice remain cold. When the fun in the sun is done there is less mess to clean up!


Going Camping, a couple of 5L Mini 304 kegs will do the trick nicely! these will fit perfectly in waeco/engel fridges. Pair it up with one of our tapping kits and job is done!  cold beer on tap all weekend long, plus no stubbies or cans to drag home at the end.